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Set Up Shop in the Metro Center Business Arcade

The Metro Center is leasing spaces on the first floor in the Business Arcade. These spaces will be white-box ready for personalized design by incoming businesses. There are six individual areas available.

Consumers and tourists increasingly turn to personalized shopping experiences in city centers. Join the Business Arcade for a unique centralization of businesses in the heart of one of Ohio’s fastest-growing downtowns. Downtown Lima was listed in USA Today as the fourth most attractive growth for a small city in the country.

Most of the available areas will have large expanses of glass to welcome clients or customers. 

Business Arcade Spaces Available:

  • Future Tenant 1 - 2068 Sq. Ft. - Interior space with historic vault

  • Future Tenant 2 - 1104 Sq. Ft.     - Street-facing storefront

  • Future Tenant 3 - 1247 Sq. Ft.             - Street-facing storefront

  • Future Tenant 4 - 1923 Sq. Ft.             - Street-facing storefront 

  • Future Tenant 5 - 1124 Sq. Ft.             - Interior space with historic vault

  • Future Tenant 6 (Not Shown).             -  800 Sq. Ft.

The Business Arcade Is Accepting Offers

Modern, accomplished businesses will soon be making the Business Arcade their home. A new address here will offer opportunities only downtown can offer and amenities only the Metro Center can offer. 

The Metro Center Business Arcade is accepting offers for spaces in the newly available business development. Consider joining this new business community concept with your business

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Business Arcade FAQs 

How many spaces are available in the Metro Center Business Arcade?
There are 6 individual areas available. They range in size from 1,000 sq. ft. to 2,000 sq. ft.

Why is it called an Arcade and not a Business Center?
Before video games became synonymous with the term "arcade", it was a general term for multiple buildings forming a complex of shops. Historically this meant shopping malls used to be called arcades. 

Only a few hours from Lima, The Cleveland Arcade hosts a variety of retailers and dining options. 

What will the style look like?
The Business Arcade will be a charming and welcoming center of modern businesses with a 1920-1940s motif.

Will there be restrooms and parking?
The Business Arcade will have both. 

How many spaces have historic bank vaults?
Two spaces come with the bank vaults. These are preserved pieces of the Metro Center's past as the headquarters of one of Lima’s greatest financial institutions, the Metropolitan Bank.

Will I be able to help design my future store?
The Business Arcade will be white-box ready and able to be customized to future tenants' needs.

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